High Performance Computing and Parallel Computing Services Core

Overview of Services

High Performance Computing (HPC) and Parrallel Computing Services in one form or another is increasingly required to fulfill myriad computational science missions across many disciplines. AU Research Technology leadership and staff will endeavor to provide HPC services relevant to the AU research and academic missions. Augusta University High Performance Computing Services (AUHPCS) will promote, enable and aid AU research and cybersecurity missions by integrating leading edge HPC technologies and services into enterprise service offerings. Systems providing these services will be available to researchers, faculty, and staff of Augusta University across all scientific and academic disciplines. AU Research Technology leadership and staff will make all efforts to partner with research and academic communities in attempts to develop, deploy, and maintain computational services that meet their unique needs.


Gagan Agrawal, PhD - Director

Lawrence Kearney - Sr. HPC Systems Arch


Name Role Phone Email Location
Gagan Agrawal
Core Director

Lawrence Kearney
Sr. HPC Systems Architect

CJ 1021