MRI Imaging Facility

Overview of Services

The AU MRI Imaging Facility offers state-of-the-art imaging techniques with our 3T Siemens magnet to users both on-campus and external.  Approval of imaging protocols must route through the AU Radiology Imaging Oversight committee. 

Other than delivery of image products standard to our research scanner, we also plan to offer custom image processing services, negotiable ad hoc according to available resource.


Nathan Yanasak, PhD
Associate Professor, Interim Diretor

Marcy Kessinger, Manager

Faculty Staff

Nathan Yanasak Interim Director     706-721-3602  AE2022
Marcy Kessinger Manager     706-721-7401  BA1408
Dacia Hodgin Financial Administrator     706-721-2464  BA1411
Amy Shultz Financial Administrator     706-721-6189  BA1410
Annette Johnson Deptartment Chair     706-721-2464  BA1411
John Crossgrove Operational Oversight     706-721-6161  BA1409
Teresa Mills Lead Technologist     706-721-3566  BA1604
Aimee Lester Technologist  
Felicia Ford Technologist  


Hours of operation & location

Hours           Location

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

          1120 15th Street
          Augusta, Georgia 30912



Name Role Phone Email Location
Nathan Yanasak, PhD
Associate Professor, Interim Director
1120 15th Street, Augusta, Georgia 30912