Georgia Esoteric & Molecular Diagnostic Laboratories, LLC @ AU (GEM)


Overview of Services

The Georgia Esoteric and Molecular (GEM) Laboratory, LLC at Augusta University, is a CLIA certified clinical diagnostic laboratory that provides state-of-the-art molecular diagnostics, cytogenetic testing and pathology consultation services. The lab offers diagnostic services and precision medicine tests for the diagnosis and evaluation of disease, primarily through molecular analysis of tissues and cells. The GEM Lab is also involved in the development of new molecular diagnostic tests. This includes identifying new technology platforms and techniques and incorporating them into the development of advanced molecular testing for human diseases. The overall goal of the GEM Lab is to develop and offer molecular based test panels that facilitate differential diagnosis, prognosis, therapy and management of diseases and malignancies.

GEM Lab services include:

Molecular Diagnostic and Cytogenetic Testing Services

• The GEM Lab offers a broad array of testing services, including the Augusta OncoTarget test that targets a large number of DNA and RNA variants from the same FFPE sample using Illumina TruSight Tumor 170, a next generation sequencing (NGS) based assay, and IBM Watson for Genomics, a high performance computing (HPC) based analysis tool.  Please contact the lab for more information on the available testing services.

• Histology Research Services that prepare and stain human and non-human tissue samples for basic and clinical research

• Sample processing and embedding
• Paraffin sectioning
• Frozen sectioning
• Hematoxylin and eosin staining
• Special histochemical staining
• Immunohistochemical staining
• Developing antibody protocols
In situ hybridization
• Preparation of publication-quality photomicrographs

Molecular Research Services

• Nucleic acid isolation and purification, including DNA and/or RNA extraction from tissue, blood, FFPE and FNA samples
• Gene expression assays using the NanoString nCounter Analysis System

Accreditation: The GEM Lab is accredited by CLIA and by the State of Georgia (GDHR) for high complexity testing. Board-certified pathologists and American Society for Clinical Pathologist (ASCP)-certified scientific staff provide guidance for utilization of new tests and interpretation of results.


Ravindra Kolhe, M.D., Ph.D.
Director, Georgia Esoteric and Molecular (GEM) Laboratory at Augusta University
Medical Director, Cytogenetics Laboratory, Augusta University Medical Center
Associate Professor of Pathology, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta University
Tel: (706) 721-2925, (706) 721-2771
Office Address: BF-212 / BAE-2576, Augusta, GA 30912


Kimya Jones, M.S., HT (ASCP)CM, Histology Laboratory Manager

Ashis Mondal, Ph.D., MB (ASCP)CM, Laboratory Supervisor


GEM Lab personnel:

Barbara DuPont, Ph.D., FACMG, Scientific Director
Alka Chaubey, Ph.D., FACMG, Scientific Director

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday

8:00 am - 4:30 pm                    

1120 15th Street, BF-207          

Augusta, GA 30912

Links and Resources

GEM Lab Overview

GEM Lab Leadership: Ravindra Kolhe, M.D., Ph.D.

GEM Lab Histology Research Services

GEM Lab designated to help with patient testing for NCI-MATCH trial 



Name Role Phone Email Location
Ravindra Kolhe, MD, Ph.D.
Kimya Jones, M.S., HT (ASCP)CM
Histology Laboratory Manager
Ashis Mondal, Ph.D., MB (ASCP)CM,
Laboratory Supervisor

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