Georgia Cancer Center Small Animal Imaging Shared Resource

Overview of Services

Serving the needs of the research community...

GCC Small Animal Imaging Shared Resource (GCC_SAIR) has been commissioned to provide a wide range of imaging and radiation treatment resource for animal research. The preclinical services are translational in operation while remaining cutting edge in the advancement of basic research. The services are available to the Augusta University Research Enterprise and other outside scientific investigators.



The services available through CGG- SAIR include:

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography
  • Bioluminescence Imaging
  • Fluorescence Imaging
  • X-Ray imaging
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Image Data Analysis (simple and complex)
  • Image Analysis Software Development
  • X-Ray Irradiation
  • Gamma Irradiation

Instruments and Resources

MR photos- with sample images

  •  GCC- SAIR generates MR images with a 7T magnet operated with Bruker Biospin imaging software and support instruments. The imaging is non-invasive and can execute a wide array of protocols from anatomical imaging, to angiography, to spectroscopy, and many more.
  • Images (3 included- one instrument and two sample images)

SPECT photos- with sample images

  • SPECT is a nuclear medicine tomographic imaging technique using gamma rays. It is very similar to conventional nuclear medicine planar imaging using a gamma camera; however, it is able to provide true 3D information. This information is typically presented as cross-sectional slices through the patient, but can be freely reformatted or manipulated as required. Instead of just 'taking a picture' of anatomical structures, a SPECT scan monitors level of biological activity at each place in the 3-D region analyzed.
  • Images (3 included – one instrument and two sample images)

BLI/FLI/X-Ray photos- with sample images GCC- SAIR has two instruments available for bioluminescence, fluorescence, and X-ray imaging:

  • Ami-X System by Spectral Imaging
    • Fluorescence Module
    • Bioluminescent Imaging Capability
    • X-ray capabilities

  • Xenogen IVIS® Lumina
    • XFO-12 Fluorescence Module
    • Bioluminescent Imaging Capability
    • The systems can detect wavelengths between 450 – 860 nm, and can image up to five animals in one session.

Imaging (4 included – two instruments and two sample images)

  1. SARRP- with sample images
    • GCC-SAIR offers organ specific radiation treatment for small animals and cells through the use of its Small Animal Research Radiation Platform. The treatment is accomplished by using 3-D CT scanning to identify the region of interest for radiation treatment and using high precision beam geometry to localize the specific organ for conformal dose distribution.
    • Images (2 included- one instrument and one actions/sample image)
  2. Image Analysis listing of software/services
    • Image data analysis services and training are available from the straight forward to the very complex. We have computer scientist on staff with years of training in writing customized software and undertaking unique image analysis puzzles. The core has a wide, and growing, range of imaging software at its disposal to assist with the image analysis needs of the research community.


  • X-RAD 320 
  • JL Sheapard Gamma Irradiator



Asamoah Bosomtwi, Ph.D. Director; MRI Imaging

Roxan Ara, M.D. Shared Resource Manager

Ali Arbab, PhD. Scientific Director

Chris Middleton, M.B.A Administrative Director

Location and hours of operation



Campus Address:

GCC- Small Animal Imaging Shared Resource
Georgia Cancer Center
1401 Laney Walker Blvd
CN- 5162- MR/SPECT
CN-3129- Optical/X-ray
CN- 1153- SARRP

Telephone: 706-721-1449


Mailing Address:

GCC- Small Animal Imaging Shared Resource
Georgia Cancer Center
Augusta University
1120 15th Street, CN-3140
Augusta, GA 30912

Telephone: 706-721-1551


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Name Role Phone Email Location
Asamoah Bosomtwi, PhD
Director MRI Imaging
CN 3155
Ali Arbab,MD, PhD
Scientific Director

Vic Kong, MS
Research Associate (SARRP/SPECT/Analysis)
Roxan Ara, MD
Shared Resource Manager (SPECT/MRI)
Chris Middleton, M.B.A
Administrative Director


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