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Genomics Core Laboratory


The Genomics Core Laboratory (GCL) at Augusta University is a multi-functional molecular biology resource facility directed through the Center of Biotechnology and Genomic Medicine. Services are available to all campus investigators, students and incubator tenants, as well as off-campus users. Please go to the "Request Services" tab to see all services and pricing.

The major service activities of the campus Genomics Core Laboratory are to provide technical services, assistance and training through the use of shared equipment housed in the facility as well as provide convenient access to frequently used regents and consumables.



Proteomics Core Laboratory


The Proteomics Core Laboratory at the Augusta University is a resource facility for the characterization and expression level measurement of proteins (isolated or in an extract) by mass spectrometry (MS), electrophoresis or chromatography. The mission of the GRU Proteomics Core Lab is to make the cutting edge proteomic technologies (mass spectrometry, UPLC, high-throughput immunoassays, etc) available to the entire GRU research community. While the Proteomics Core is a fee-for-service facility, a major goal is to become a research environment for multidisciplinary research and education that utilizes mass spectrometry and other proteomics technologies to resolve complex biological and medical problems.

The AU Proteomics Core Lab is operated by the Center for Biotechnology and Genomic Medicine. Services are available to all campus investigators as well as off campus investigators. Services offered by the PCL include 1D/2D gel electrophoresis, protein identification by ion-trap MS, label-free comparative proteomics, protein/small molecule quantification using targeted MS (SRM/MRM MS), high throughput protein immune-protein assays (384-well ELISA/Luminex assay), etc.




John Nechtman Manager - Genomics

Wenbo Zhi, Ph.D Manager - Proteomics



Location and hours of operation Genomics 



Hours Open:       Location:

8am-5pm             1459 Laney-Walker Blvd CA1040

                         Augusta, Ga 30912




Location and hours of operation Proteomics


Hours Open:     Location:

8am-5pm           1459 Laney-Walker Blvd CA1041

                        Augusta, Ga 30912




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