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The mission of the Electron Microscopy and Histology Core is to provide high quality services at an affordable cost to research investigators at the Georgia Regents University and external research facilities. The Core is well equipped and offers a variety of specimen preparation services for transmission and scanning electron microscopy, vibratome, paraffin, cryostat, JB-4 and MMA (calcified bone) sectioning.  We also offer IHC staining for light microscopy and electron microscopy.  The Electron Microscopy and Histology Core is a full service facility. It is in essence an extension of the faculty's research laboratories and augments their research by providing expensive, specialized equipment and experienced technical staff to perform ultrastructural analyses. The Core staff performs all aspects of the ultrastructural procedures from specimen processing to imaging (for Electron Microscopy, TEM and SEM) and processing, sectioning and staining for light microscopy (paraffin, cryostat, JB-4 and MMA).




Sylvia B. Smith, Ph. D., Director


Donna Kumiski, HT (ASCP)


Tania Green,BS, CEMT, (MSA)


Libby Perry, MSA Certified


Brendan Marshall, PhD.


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Monday through Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm        

The Service Lab and Central Office is located in CB-1113, on the first floor Carl Sanders Research and Education Building


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